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Nothing complicated; nothing too exciting, but yes, I do knit while I read. As well as during many other domestic activities.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Four Whole Rows

I'm not even going to attempt to post a picture because today? I knit about four rows on Mittlet #2. At least I have one warm hand, unless a child steals it. The eldest is openly talking of making off with them when they're done; the third just took the finished one and wore it.

While eating soup.

Just before he threw a crust of bread.

And then his soup bowl crashed to the table, drenching his chair and the floor in soup.

He wasn't wet because, of course, he wasn't actually IN his chair.

I rescued the mittlet, popped #s 2 and 3 into the bathtub, and returned to find the dog had cleaned up a great amount of spilled soup. I cleaned the rest, finished my dinner, got the middle children out of the tub, brushed teeth and hair, read to them, and popped them into bed.

Then I ate ice cream with a good friend's homemade fudge sauce. Maybe I'll knit tonight. Who knows? Maybe I'll finish the second mitt!

That fudge sauce made up for a lot of spilled soup.



At 10:25 AM, Anonymous dg said...

You have your hands full, where do you find the time to knit? I applaud you. Oh the joy of small children. Happy New Year. BTW thanks for the nice comments

At 2:15 PM, Anonymous amy said...

what is it about children and chairs? I've tried just removing them from the diningroom entirely, to keep the toddler from scaling the table, but they balk. Why are these chairs so necessary if they don't sit in them?


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