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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Oh Say can you see, see, see the OCD?

I'm such a seat-of-the pants kind of woman. Days go by, and I just carom from stimulus to crisis, reacting as best I can, but not much is planned. Yet, there's a small part of me (probably huddling in the attic of my mind, moaning) that likes order, and clean Scandinavian spaces, and light, and quiet. Caterina right now is listening to Bowling for Soup, there goes the quiet. . .

Anyhow, the other day, Beloved Sister came over to rearrange the yarn room with me. Afterwards, she gently suggested that I might have a wee problem. This, of course, is the same sister who reminded me about the bag sale at Stash, so, "enabler" comes immediately to mind. However, due to some unexpected good fortune, I have a couple of travel-related delights to save money for, and certainly enough yarn and fiber to enjoy the using of it without needing to spend any money to acquire more.*

So, I gave myself a challenge. Twelve completed items from the stash before any more yarn or fiber comes home. They don't have to be huge -- I have some yarn set aside for an afghan, and that's not getting done any time soon -- but swatches certainly don't count. Spinning does, however, so I pulled out this lovely eight ounces of. . . something unlabeled. I remember that it had bamboo and silk in it, but there appears to be some dark long hairs in it. Alpaca? Maybe. Maybe it's wool.

And I think I'd been saving it for "when I was good enough" to spin it. My last experience with bamboo was unhappy. Then I figured, there is more where that came from, essentially, and the spinning is a joy, especially with the Woolee Winder Eric got me for Christmas. Woo-hoo! Just focusing on that long draw from the fold while the yarn is wound on in that smooth, even way. Makes my knees go weak, practically. This is where my inner order-lover comes out in the spinning. It's a clean, neat, sunlit room on a bobbin. So it doesn't matter if it's perfect, it's flat, and it's very very pretty.

I can't wait to spin up the whole whack and decide whether or not to knit it as singles or ply it.

And not just because I could get more eventually.

*At least, not until the Delightful Travel experiences.



At 7:42 AM, Blogger Esperanza said...

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