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Monday, February 14, 2011

The other one

This Sunday was The Other Team's day. Four high school teams, a beautiful sunny day, with just enough of a hint of a breeze to promise the storms which hit last night. Unfortunately, my two favorite players had spent the week being very sick, and weren't up to their very best. They still did the frisbee trifecta of run, catch, throw, and it was a wonderful day. Good games, good parents to hang out with, and I even got some knitting done.

The kid runs fast, even when sick.

Nice bid, but not everything is completed:

The next trip down was more like it:

So cool she is.

I'm not going to be cool until this sweater gets much bigger. So far, I think the other knitting project looks like an alien chest protector:

Mix of bamboo and silk handspun (the green) and two colors of Cascade EcoWool. The body and sleeves will be chocolate, with something else along the cuffs and bottom. Some echoey pattern, probably. Anyhow, almost instant gratificaton, unlike the mitten project, which received a couple of rows' work last night.

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At 10:25 AM, Blogger Marcel said...

Love these colors! Not so sure of the cracked egg pattern. In any event your talents continue to inspire.
Blown away today by your daughter's resemblance to you. Wow! Hope your hubby's finger is recovering. Ouch.
Besos, M~

At 3:41 PM, Anonymous jen said...

you there! remember me? probably not... i was excited to see that 'madknits' is still on your link list. what a blast from the past. :) i have a new home now, literally and internetly. :) nice to check in with you again.


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