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Nothing complicated; nothing too exciting, but yes, I do knit while I read. As well as during many other domestic activities.

Saturday, July 24, 2010


At the end of yesterday I made a list of what I'd accomplished, since I didn't feel as though I had done "enough."

Today I'm doing it the other way 'round -- a list of the planned things, while not yet noting what I've done (like taking the cat to the vet and trying to figure out how to pay for it).

Notice what the last item is on today's list:
  • prune out front
  • lay bricks in patio
  • clean basement
  • clean freezer
  • assemble and place last bee box
  • cut and dig buckwheat into the open garden bed
  • do classwork for my three classes: paper grading, answering email, posting grades, etc.
  • make pickle relish and can it
  • make enchilada sauce and can it
  • make dill pickles and can them
  • put clean dishes away
  • knit?


At 5:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

All that in one day??? If you manage to squeeze in knitting as well, you are officially superwoman.

At 7:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Meth addiction is so yesterday.

At 7:51 PM, Blogger Stefaneener said...

fridica, I only managed to do five out of the things so far, but I'm not asleep yet! Thanks for showing up -- I'm going to find that hat and do a few rows.

Suzee, snort.


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