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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Drat Beatrix Potter, Anyhow

The dead mouse count in the kitchen is now four, and we're wondering how many more there are. Cooler weather plus a house with walls that resemble swiss cheese equals rodent incursions. Sigh.

In happier news, the ISE3 scarf is finished and tasselled. I'm glad I went ahead with them, because it looks nice and finished now. Blocking helped counteract the big roll tendency, but it's not perfect. The tassels eat yarn, though. This picture is the "almost there!" shot.

Cable closeup:

I was also gifted with two lovely skeins of linen. I can't tell you enough how pretty they are. There's a little sheen on the yarn. Someday I'll make a beautiful complicated lace something. Not any time soon, though.

Speaking of lace? This

is going to be ripped out today, when I can clear an area on the table and lay it all out. Not only can't I fix the mistake I made in it, I decided that I really want it a few repeats wider. As I recall, it was fun while I was knitting it, so I should be able to redo this. Probably not by Christmas, though. Thank goodness for honey.


At 9:19 AM, Blogger allisonmariecat said...

Stunning cables. Really amazing.

I once lived in an old apartment with mice. To handle the infestation, I pretended it was one mouse (since I only saw one at a time) and named him Mr. Jingles. But when I opened the live trap, there were four to release...I chose to ignore that...

I always feel better once I've ripped out something that isn't working. I hope you do, too.

At 9:49 AM, Blogger jen said...

Those cables made my mouth hang open. Totally gorgeous, and the scarf was finished way before your estimation of never! Congrats!

At 10:06 AM, Blogger z's mommadad said...

That's a beautiful cable scarf -- the tassels really do finish it off.

At 10:54 AM, Blogger Rain said...

The scarf is absolutely stunning, it's wonderful.

It's a shame about the lace, but better to be happy with it.

The linen is lovely, I hope you find the perfect pattern for it.

At 2:38 PM, Blogger bfmomma said...

omg, the scarf... that scarf is amazing!

dare I tell you that once our "one mouse" turned into eleven?

It just happens... it's seasonal--like the ants (sigh) and whatever other things I choose to forget about until their season of home invasion... :)

At 11:05 PM, Blogger Kristy said...

Your scarf is beautiful! I love the cables.

Will you drop me an email and let me know something: did you find me because of the ISE or because of the grandmother purl project I've been working on?

At 2:38 AM, Blogger Brittany said...

Whoo hoo! ISE scarf is done! And it looks great too.

Am I dense or have I not read about that which will be frogged soon before? I reckon honey is a pretty great Christmas anyhow. And I'm glad to hear that you're enjoying the lace. Lace is one of those things that must be enjoyed.

At 4:35 AM, Anonymous amy said...

hey, comment queen! your scarf is breathtaking, and I definitely feel your pain wrt mice. We had it bad, and finally hired a guy to fill in all the likely places of entry with special foamy/meshy gadgets and so forth. They're still around - they like to die right in the doorway of the garage GAG but they can't seem to get back into the kitchen, thankthegods. Nothing nastier than cleaning out the silverware drawer every single morning. pregnant. oh, wait, this blog is about YOU?

At 6:46 AM, Anonymous Kristi aka Fiber Fool said...

Oooo, your scarf is beautiful!

At 12:27 PM, Blogger Charity said...

Love the cable scarf, stunning! That linen looks lovely, what a thoughful gift! :0)

At 6:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

A marvelous job on the scarf- those tassels are enormous! I'll be starting my first cable project this week- I'm going to practice with the Irish Hiking scarf & tan Katmandu.
We've had a mouse problem as well, first time in this house, but so far they have only been in the garage. The boys are experimenting with bait- I don't want to know, just keep it out of sight.

At 9:03 PM, Blogger jen said...

Beautiful scarf. Really really beautiful :) Those tassels are perfect. What are your plans for the linen? - sooooo nice :)

At 3:29 AM, Blogger Alisha said...

The scarf is beautiful. I have rediscovered how much I love scarfs since our trip to New York. I bought two great scarves and now I just need to knit one :)

I am also curious what your plans are for the is so soft looking...I wish I could touch it!

My heart goes out to you having to rip that out but sometimes it is better in the long run just to start over...good luck with it!

At 11:30 AM, Blogger String Bean said...

I love the cables! I couldn't do all those tassels. I'd drive myself bonkers.

Oh no! Not the frog pond! I hope it turns out alright eventually.


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