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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Hot Hot Hot

I don't know why it comes as a shock every single year, but after our lovely cool summer with morning fog and afternoon sun, followed by perfect, breezy evenings, the heat starts creeping up in late summer, peaking in September/October. If the level of flopping around and moaning means anything, we're just not used to this. Or prepared, apparently.*

My sister called yesterday, full of indignation. "It's going to be hot. Really hot. Let's go swimming."

The entire reason we buy passes for the regional parks is so we can swim as much as we want to, so it would seem that we have at least a faint consciousness that it's going to warm up. Yet I'm still shocked every year, and so is she. We went swimming anyhow.

Her friend threw the children high in the air:

They rolled in the incredibly dirty sand to warm up,

and Thing 1's hair did that crazy thing where it dries like hay.

I found that unbelievably funny.

It looks much nicer today.

Finally, I got to try the pieces of Cobblestone together near my sister and determine that they're probably going to work with a yoke to make an entire sweater. But I'm not taking them to park day today. It's just too hot to sit outdoors with a pound of tweedy wool in my lap.

I think I'll cast on for a second snail mitten instead. I may be confused, but I do acknowledge that it's going to get cold again. Just not soon enough.

*Fire season began early this year and is poised to be very bad, and very scary. Spare a prayer for those in harm's way and those who will be fighting the inevitable blazes.


At 2:34 PM, Blogger suzee said...

[Creaky voice]: I've lived here since 1970 and, dadgummit, I'm still taken by surprise when the heat hits every year.

Love the feet in the last photo.

Looks like a great day! I was wishing for a swim this morning even before sun-up.

At 5:27 PM, Blogger allisonmariecat said...

Hee! My hair dries like that, too.

So much fun. Very nice sweater progress, too.


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